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: Manager : Wed, 10 January, 12:00 AM

[Recruitment] Seoul International Sourcing Fair Newsletter Introduction Products

Seoul International Sourcing Fair Newsletter Product Introduction Application Recruitment of Companies


In order to support companies in promoting their products, we would like to introduce their products in the Seoul International Sourcing Fair e-newsletter published monthly by the Seoul International Sourcing Fair Secretariat.

 About 30,000 subscribers domestically and internationally 


We are accepting applications in advance for products matching the keywords given each month.

We hope that companies interested in product introduction will participate.


1. Applicant:  Companies registered on the Seoul International Sourcing Fair website   

2. Application product: Products corresponding to keywords from January to April   




New Year, Sunrise, New Year's Day, Major Cold, New Year's Plan, Annual Plan, New Year's Goal, Diet, Year-end tax Settlement, Fitness Center, National Tax Service, Income Deduction, Skiing, Skating, Snow Sledding, Calendar, Diary, Academy, English Conversation, TOEIC, Heating Cost


Lunar New Year, full moon, graduation ceremony, Valentine's Day, entrance gift, graduation gift, chocolate, vacation homework, fine dust, spring cold


The March 1st Independence Movement Day, entrance ceremony, mountain climbing, moving, house cleaning, pension, travel, yellow dust, white day, spring clothes, spring greens, Awakening of insects, Vernal equinox


Camping, hiking, pension, walking, jogging, cherry blossom viewing, Arbor Day, Provisional Government Establishment Day, Day of the Disabled, Chungmugong Yi Sun-shin's Birthday, midterm exam

3. Application period: 2024. 01. 10 (Wed) ~  Separate notice    

4. Application method: Fill out and submit Google form    

※  After internal review of the secretariat for companies that submitted  applications (Google form) we will contact the selected companies individually. 

 Go to fill out application ▶ Go to link


TEL. 02-6952-8331

MAIL. sipremium27@gmail.com

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