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Benefits are provided for VIP buyers(Blue Birds) who are the target of
the Sourcing Fair in biz-matching consultation and the others

Target Sectors

  • Overseas distribution buyers

    Buying, consignment sales, reverse direct purchase

  • Offline store managers

    Large marts, franchises, pop-up stores, individual shops

  • Corporate Branding and Promotion Departments

    Public institutions, general companies, brand marketers

Blue Birds benefits

  • Priority for Biz-matching
  • VIP Buyer Lounge Pass
  • Special events and Seminars Admission
  • Free accommodation and Transportation

How to Register

  • Buyer registration
  • Select the type of industry and desired transaction
  • Pre-exhibition (around November) Biz Matching Application and Check the matching schedule
  • Offline Biz Matching Counseling session (Nov. 29 ~ 01. Dec. 2023)

Contact Us

Contact Sourcing Fair Secretariat for inquires about the use of Sourcing Fair services.
Tel. +82 2 6000 8152 E-mail. sipremium.info@coex.co.kr