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This is a Biz-matching Program in which various buyers such as
large domestic/overseas distributors, vendors, open markets,
social commerce, and on/offline malls participate.
Through the 1:1 Biz-Matching Program, you can participate in business consultations
related to distribution/entering between participating companies and buyers
that have been attracted in advance.

Program overview

Date: Nov 29(Wed) – Dec 1(Fri) 10:30 ~ 17:15

Venue: Coex Hall C

Distribution channel entry conference that participates Various distribution channels such as large domestic distributors, vender, open market, social commerce, online malls, and offline stores, etc.

Before the event, you can conduct on-site consultation with matched buyers through online pre-matching.

Biz-Matching Program Process

  • Platform log-in
  • apply
    Biz-Matching Program
    (Activate after admin approval)
  • Check the list of exhibitors/buyers and apply for consultation on
    My Page
  • progress Offline business matching conference (Nov 29 – Dec 1, 2023)

Participation Conditions for Biz-Matching Program

For EXHIBITOR : A company who participates in the exhibition as a member who has completed membership registration (approved by the administrator)

For BUYER : A buyer who has completed membership registration (approved by the administrator)

Inquiries: sipremium.info@coex.co.kr / +82 2 6000 8152